Land transportation is at the core of our logistics services, which are designed to meet the needs of our clients’ supply chain across many industries.

We provide our customers with the ability to reach to all major cities of the Kingdom, across the GCC and to other Middle East and Levant countries through an efficient, safe and timely delivery service. We offer the following land transportation services:

  • Domestic Transport
  • GCC/Middle East Region Transport
  • Contract Transportation
  • Truck Leasing Solutions

We offer Full-Truckload [FTL] services for point-to-point delivery of most commodities.

With continuous trucks movement between the major cities of Saudi Arabia and to most cities within the GCC, we allow our customers to efficiently manage their stock levels between origin and destination, thanks to our network across the region. To meet the growing demands of consolidation and distribution in the retail and manufacturing sectors, Mubarrad provides customized solutions with dedicated small fleet for collection and distribution, while the larger fleet handles long-haul delivery and pickup. To serve critical time-bound delivery schedules of large corporations with their own in-house supply chain management, where transit time is crucial, Mubarrad offers Leased Trucks of various configurations, thus ensuring our customers a significant cost advantage and continuous availability of dedicated trucks and drivers.






    Alex is doing thier best To be the preferred logistics service provider in the region to support and deliver your needs



    To gain the loyalty and trust of our customers, employees and shareholders by setting new industry standards through timely, safe, environment-friendly, cost effective logistics services



    For maximum flexibility and efficiency, our services draw on a dense network of facilities throughout Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    what we offer


    Dedicated Operations

    If the scale, location or complexity of your business requires a dedicated solution, Alex has the people and expertise you need. Starting with a thorough analysis of your specific business requirements, our teams design, implement, operate and improve dedicated warehousing and distribution operations that deliver value to your business. 


    Warehouse Management

    LWarehouse management systems record all events and activities in the receipt, handling and storage of products and orders in the warehouse or distribution center, including the location of inventory..


    Our Approach

    Before proposing a solution, our approach is to understand your underlying business issues and needs. Many customers come to us with a business problem, and not necessarily a supply chain problem. We listen and help them identify growth objectives, key customers, profitability goals, competitive issues, and cost service trade offs. It’s the best way to see where their supply chain, revenue, and profitability intersect..


    Transportation Management

    Moving products from manufacturing plants to warehouses, between international, national, and regional facilities and to distributors, can represent more than half of your total logistics costs. Add international sourcing and final distribution to store or end customer, and those costs can rocket even higher. Transportation management solutions give you the resources and visibility you need, at a cost you can manage. 


    Shipment Security

    We manage freight security through a global incident reporting room and more than 100 highly secure locations, more than the entire forwarding and logistics industry. Each of these benefits from instant communication with local and international law enforcement authorities. We also use state-of-the-art risk assessment to ensure your assets are protected..